Paul Goodwin

Video Premiere on Folk Radio UK

Published on Mon 12 Sep 2016

Folk Radio UK premiered the video for "Wasted on the Young" and ran a paragraph that Paul wrote explaining the song and the video.

"My dad has a load of sci-fi books from the early 70’s which I read when I was about 12. “Wasted on the Young” is named after a short story in one of them that really stuck with me, in which people can do anything they want until a certain age but then have to work (and are kept alive if necessary) until the debt they accumulate in that time is paid off. I had to go through dozens of books a couple of years ago to find out what it was called. I wish I’d also paid attention to who wrote it. The video happened after we took our son to a fair where he was just a little too young to go on anything on his own. My wife realised that having a 38 year old man sitting on his own on rides designed for people 1/10th his age would look pretty depressing so we got the fair people to let me go on them before they opened the next day. Fortunately it looks even more depressing if he’s having a really good time. I realised later that it accidentally fits quite well with the title of the song.‚Äč"

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