Paul Goodwin

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Released February 2 2009

  1. Take it All
  2. Borderline
  3. Watertight
  4. Sleep Tonight
  5. Phosphorus Burn
  6. Losing Out to Bullethead
  7. So Finally a Love Song
  8. In Sure and Certain Hope
  9. A Folly or a Fortress
  10. Radio Silence
  11. 60 miles with a Slow Puncture
  12. Edinburgh
  13. Soaked to the Skin
  14. One Off

Scars was the album I'd been trying to make the whole time I'd been playing music. It took 10 years to accumulate the songs and get good enough at recording. It's about half things from the previous EPs done as well as I'm ever going to manage and half things that never appeared anywhere else. I tried very hard with everything from the mixing to the mastering to the packaging and I'm proud of how it turned out.


"a truly astonishing Album ****"  - Maverick

"a sombre, but compelling experience (8/10)" - Whisperin' and Hollerin'

"song of controlled intensity" - Uncut

"genuinely emotive" - The Skinny

"sounds... like Joe Cole giving a post match interview" - Uncut again