Paul Goodwin

Burning Shed Session

Released October 2002

A (mostly) acoustic album recorded in no time at all with my good friend Peter Chilvers and released on groundbreaking internet record label Burning Shed. It features early versions of some of stuff that eventually ended up on Scars, and some stuff that got no further than this. It also features Peter playing an electric guitar that was played on a No. 1 hit single.



  1. Grateful Smile
  2. Sleep Tonight
  3. Borderline
  4. Closure
  5. The Calling
  6. Your Hand Touched Mine
  7. Edinburgh
  8. Letdown
  9. Battle Cry
  10. You'll Say Yes
  11. Take It All


"Goodwin's burnished blend of downbeat domestic poetry and cracked, acoustic beauty, calls to mind the West Coast 'sadcore' of Red House Painters, American Music Club and Idaho, while never losing sight of its uniquely personal and British origins. Recorded in a day with minimum fuss and few overdubs, the album also features cameo appearances from Peter Chilvers and Sandra O'Neill (Alias Grace). Paul Goodwin's impressive Burning Shed debut offers late night sounds par excellence." - Burning Shed


Paul Goodwin: acoustic guitar, vocal, harmonica

Peter Chilvers:  electric guitar, fretless bass, organ, treatments, backing vocal on "Take It All"

Sandra O'Neill: harmony vocal on "Closure"

Recorded at the burning shed, Norwich, March 11 2002, with a big cough. 

Engineered by Peter Chilvers

Mixed by Peter Chilvers and Paul Goodwin