Paul Goodwin

Live in the Reception Classroom of Bourn Church of England Primary School, Bourn, Cambridgeshire

Released July 4 2012

  1. Cold Case
  2. 60 Miles With a Slow Puncture
  3. Borderline
  4. The Forked Tongue and The Blind Eye Turned
  5. Muscle Memory

This is a set of songs recorded in May 2011 by my friends Sam Inglis and Steve Fenton in a classroom in a primary school that Steve had access to for some reason. I've always recorded painstakingly and mostly on my own so it's nice to have a record of what the (very) occasional band gigs sound like. Dave Greeves, Andy Brown and Paul Richards played on this because we were all rehearsed from my friend Jack's birthday the week before. I had a bit of a bad throat and it's slightly rough around the edges but I think they're good enough to share.


"a rarity that all long-terms fans are gonna really treasure in future. It's good to know great Rock'n'Roll can still be generated in the most unlikely of places, isn't it?" - Whisperin' and Hollerin'


  • Andy Brown: bass
  • Paul Goodwin: singing, guitar
  • David Greeves: guitar
  • Paul Richards: drums
  • Recorded by Sam Inglis and Steve Fenton
  • Mixed by Sam Inglis