Paul Goodwin

Scars Review - Rock n Reel

Published on Thu 26 Feb 2009

Bright acoustic guitar, cello, violin, bass and slightly husky vocal performances characterise the first full-length album from a relatively new singer-songwriter. In fact, Paul Goodwin has taken ten years to write and record 'Scars', the chronicle of a man in pain. Lyrically there's something of the young Billy Bragg in 'Phosphorus Burn' and 'Losing out to Bullethead' but Bragg was always philosophical about the blows that life dealt him. Goodwin takes it all to heart and seems incapable of fighting back, even revisiting one scene of his disappointment in 'Edinburgh'. Most listeners will be able to relate to one or more episodes in his story but you have to wonder how he's survived all this shit. The fact that he sells an At Least I'm Not Paul Goodwin T-shirt suggests an odd sense of humour helps.

A great album if you want to wallow in his or your misery but those with serious emotional problems should seek professional help.