Paul Goodwin


Published on Mon 9 Jan 2017

Herewith my New Years Gradings and Resolutions. 

Bands I've seen this year: John Moreland (alright), Jason Isbell (really great), The Wave Pictures (not the best I've seen them), Muncie Girls (good), Tellison (the best I've seen them and I've loved every time I've seen them), Frightened Rabbit (x2) (really great), Caveman (pretty shit), Bruce Springsteen (a bit disappointing), The Smith Street Band (not the slightest bit disappointing), Chris T-T (brilliant as always).

Last year's resolutions:

  • Do more than 5 solo performances of some sort. YES - 7 (seven!). All in Cambridge. First full band gig since 2012.
  • Release the record and try to at least 3/4-arse promoting it. YES, I actually worked quite hard trying to promote it and all the reviews were good. Nobody gave a shit obviously.
  • Write on here at least once every 2 months and if I do/go to gigs. FAIL. Lots of gigs I missed
  • Cross 2 more bands off The List.  YES - Jason Isbell, Frightened Rabbit, The Smith Street Band, Bruce Springsteen.
  • Write a song. I managed one last year. YES. I think it's really good.

This year then. Pretty similar.

  • Take bags to the supermarket so I don't have to pay 5p every time.
  • Go to a Cambridge game.
  • Do more than 5 solo performances of some sort.
  • Release an ep. I have the songs. Can't be arsed to promote it.. 
  • Write on here at least once every 2 months and if I do/go to gigs.
  • Cross 2 more bands off The List 
  • Write a song. Not got anything on the go at the moment.

‚ÄčThe List: The Gin Blossoms, The Hotelier, Modern Baseball, Brand New, Say Anything, King Creosote and Jon Hopkins, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, The Retrospective Soundtrack Players, The Wrens, Waxahatchee, La Dispute, Bad Books. I've crossed more off than I've found this year.

Quite a good year really. I didn't play that much but on the whole I feel I'm better than I've ever been. I'm very pleased I got the album out and got a little bit of press and stuff, even if nobody bought it. I'm really proud of it which has to be the main thing. I can listen to it happily, and not quite believe I wrote the songs. I'd like to write more. Life.