Paul Goodwin

Rought Cut Mystery Train

Published on Sun 25 Sep 2016


I played probably my best set in a couple of years last night at The Cornerhouse (if I do say so myself). I guess I've played there a lot so I should feel comfortable, but I felt really comfortable. Apart from in Romantic False Lead. I even took the piss out of someone talking on their phone, which I haven't done for ages. Maybe it's because I had a beer and I haven't been for my last few gigs. Probably to be honest. Setlist: The Ghost of Paddy's Night Past, Muscle Memory, Romantic False Lead, 60 Miles with a Slow Puncture, Heat Death, Black Coffee and Bromide, Watertight. There's a generous review of my bit  here.

I also really enjoyed the two bands on after me, Mystery Train and Rough Cut Kings. Mystery Train did a kind of Bellamy Brothers/Stealer's Wheel thing very well and Rough Cut Kings were even more country and just as fun despite featuring both a ukulele and a 12 string guitar, the two worst instruments other than the cajon. It was nice to see my sometime (and current) bass player and ex-Logan colleague Jody continue to plough his own golden-kazoo shaped furrow. Check them out here.

The Northern Lights in the Neon Tube has been out for a week now, and people have been generally very nice about it. Nobody's buying it obviously, but two of the songs have a single little bar lit up on Spotify which is some kind of validation.